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Mieleinen, Made by Honey Group Finland Ltd

Honey Group Finland Ltd is the biggest marketer of Finnish honey in Finland. We buy our honey from our present 125 reliable contracted producers and bring it to Finnish homes. We have almost 50 years of experience in delivering quality honey to shop shelves.

Honey Group Finland Finnish Floral Honey has been the most popular honey in Finland for a long time. Now, as our new product, we have introduced Bilberry-Mieleinen, which combines the gentle sweetness of honey, the health-promoting ingredients of wild bilberries as well as stomach-pampering fibres.

Honey Group Finland Ltd
Kojonperäntie 13
32250 Kojonkulma
Tel. +358 207 769 680

Hunajayhtymä Oy

From Loimaa to Everywhere in Finland

The modern packing, storing and sales facilities of Honey Group Finland Ltd are located in Kojonkulma, Loimaa, in the centre of south-western Finland, which is the densest beekeeping region in the country. We pack the honey into consumer packages and sell it on to wholesale dealers. Our beekeeping-product range is also the widest in the country. In addition to our outlet sales, we also serve beekeepers through online sales.